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About me

Zhanna Ismagilova is a jazz/pop singer from the beautiful medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia. At a young age she auditions for a girls choir. An invitation to join them soon follows, a dream comes true. The urge to sing grows and soon after she joins a professional vocal group that travels all across the country with shows and concerts.

Zhanna’s thirst for music is unquenchable and a beautiful path of music mastery unfolds. She starts piano courses at a small local music school and she will be studying at the well respected G. Ots Music college. The next step also comes easy: The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

These years are her most formative and it is safe to say that the girl grew into a very skilled young woman. Equally formidable utilizing her gentle, soothing voice and playing the piano.

A big turnaround for Zhanna was the discovery of Jazz music. A priceless epiphany for this by now well-trained musician: She wants to Jazz.

Fuelled with new excitement Zhanna attends numerous Jazz (master) classes and even goes abroad to study in the Netherlands at the Dutch Prince Claus Conservatory. She will be taught by some of world’s finest Jazz musicians; Joris Teepe, JD Walter and Don Braden being only a few of these cats.

Zhanna´s style is broad and includes but is not limited by latin jazzsmooth jazz, bluesswingfunkpopreggae.
That being said, most audiences do associate this fine musician with the exotic rhythms of Latin-Jazz music.
Which is not strange for it being her preferred style of music.

Zhanna Ismagilova Duo/Trio is one of her main projects and can be heard playing all around Tallinn numerous times a week.
Sonrisa Jazz Trio (‘Sonrisa’ meaning ‘Smile’ in Spanish) is one of her first projects she started to perform with.

Zhanna Ismagilova is able to spread warmth and joy to all who hear her and her stunning Mediterranean-like appearance only adds to the enchanting experience that only she is able to provide.